Hall of Famer Glenn Anderson Lends Talents To Youth Hockey Camps

Wednesday, August 7. 2013

Glenn Anderson Special Guest Hockey Coach 

Glenn Anderson continues his tradition of giving back, especially to children, during the offseason. The Glenn Anderson Stanley Cup Week Camp at the North American Hockey School in Stamford, Connecticut brought out everyone's love of competition and team sports. The SoNo Ice House ice rink may as well have been Olympic level, because everyone involved gave it their all.

"You've got to love that competition," Anderson said later while signing autographs. "Those kids were good with one-on-one battles. When you practice four hours a day with a group, things are going to get intense." 

Named to the National Hockey League Hall of Fame a few years back, Glenn stays active with charity events, individual camps and Fall Of Famer tours.

Read more in this press coverage from The Hour and The Stamford Times newspaper

Click here for more information on Glenn Anderson as Guest Coach at NAHS

Forever Free

Tuesday, July 13. 2010

We are all deeply saddened by the tragic passing of our friend Bob Probert
I’d like to extend my condolences to the Probert family and to all the lives deeply touched by #24 in Chicago, Detroit, Ontario, and across the globe.

Probbie, our thoughts and prayers will be with you always. 

I will cherish our special times together, and the honest and open conversations we had over the course of our careers and beyond.  You were a true friend and confidant. 

You are missed, but will be in our hearts and minds forever.



G3 Hall of Fame Weekend Closes in Style!

Wednesday, November 25. 2009

I'd like to thank all of our great campers, V.I.P. players, and program organizers for making the 2009 Hall of Fame weekend such a memorable experience.  Somewhere between the late night karaoke sessions and weekend awards ceremony [thanks, guys, for the boa], the group made some long-lasting bonds. 


Click here to view the rest of the photos from the week. 
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A Great Start to A Great Weekend in Toronto

Sunday, November 8. 2009

Halfway through camp we're all having  a great time.  The Hall of Fame induction weekend is one of the finest hockey weekends all year, and I'm thrilled to be spending the time with such a great group of campers.    Here are some pictures from the weekend so far, we'll be adding more photos and videos from the events shortly. 





Glenn's Global Games Itinerary Update

Tuesday, October 27. 2009

Just over one week and counting until one of the most exciting weekends in all of hockey.  We've made a few changes to the itinerary of our Glenn's Global Games Hockey Hall of Fame WeekendCheck out the revised calendar of events.

There is still limited availability to attend this amazing weekend in Toronto with myself and practically an entire team of former All Stars and Hall of Famers.  Registration is available online.

Reflections of a figure skating hockey player

Tuesday, October 27. 2009

Participating in Battle of the Blades was an amazing experience.   Read my latest post about the exciting journey...

My Life as a Figure Skater

Wednesday, October 14. 2009

My stint as figure skater may have only lasted two weeks, but the memory of participating on the CBC's Battle of the Blades will last much longer.  Izzy and I were ousted from the competition on Sunday night, one week after Probbie exited the stage.  I've posted pictures from the competition on my profile on HockeyBarn.com.   Here's one of my favorites...



I'd like to thank Isabelle Brasseur for being an outstanding figure skating partner.  What a talented skater...Thankfully I didn't drop her in the picture above!

Behind-the-Scenes at Battle of the Blades

Thursday, October 8. 2009

I am currently participating in Battle of the Blades on the CBC.  This event is for some great causes and is an exciting reunion for a bunch of players daring enough to sport figure skates.   My team is playing for the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.  

 Lucky for all the fans out there, I have my camcorder with me and will be providing some entertaining behind-the-scenes footage.