Reflections of a figure skating hockey player

Tuesday, October 27. 2009

Participating in Battle of the Blades was an amazing experience.   Read my latest post about the exciting journey...

My Life as a Figure Skater

Wednesday, October 14. 2009

My stint as figure skater may have only lasted two weeks, but the memory of participating on the CBC's Battle of the Blades will last much longer.  Izzy and I were ousted from the competition on Sunday night, one week after Probbie exited the stage.  I've posted pictures from the competition on my profile on   Here's one of my favorites...



I'd like to thank Isabelle Brasseur for being an outstanding figure skating partner.  What a talented skater...Thankfully I didn't drop her in the picture above!

Behind-the-Scenes at Battle of the Blades

Thursday, October 8. 2009

I am currently participating in Battle of the Blades on the CBC.  This event is for some great causes and is an exciting reunion for a bunch of players daring enough to sport figure skates.   My team is playing for the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton, Alberta.  

 Lucky for all the fans out there, I have my camcorder with me and will be providing some entertaining behind-the-scenes footage.