Glenn's Games Go to Edmonton

Monday, December 15. 2008

update as of 12-14-08

  • The tournament is just about sold out with the exception of a few individual spots.

  • The list of jerseys for the 3 on 3 tournament include the following:

    • Edmonton Oilers - Blue (Away) NO LONGER AVAILABLE - PAID TEAM HAS SELECTED
    • Edmonton Oilers - White (Home) NO LONGER AVAILABLE - PAID TEAM HAS SELECTED
    • Team Canada - Red (Away)
    • Toronto Maple Leafs - White (Home)
    • Toronto Maple Leafs - Blue (Away)
    • New York Rangers - White (Home)
    • New York Rangers - Blue (Away)
    • St. Louis Blues - White (Home)
    • St. Louis Blues - Blue (Away)
    • NHL Players from Rendez Vous 1987 - White
    • NHL All Star 1984 Campbell Conference - Orange
    • NHL All Star 1985 Campbell Conference - White
*This list is not finalized and is open to suggestion provided it keeps in theme with the tournament.

Let's do it AGAIN!

I want to thank those of you who joined us for Glenn's Global Games and my induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. It was an incredible weekend that I will remember forever. It made it extra special for me to have so many of my friends on top of family there to share it with me. It means more to me than you can imagine.

The festivities will continue in January when the Edmonton Oilers retire my number 9. I am organizing the next Glenn's Global Games event for the weekend surrounding January 18th and would like to find out who would like to join me there? This time around we are adding a 3-on-3 tournament format. Kevin Lowe is hosting the 4-on-4 at his home on his backyard rink!

In addition to hockey we will also be including the charitable side of our lives during this weekend. I am committed to bringing both worlds together and keeping our achievements in perspective.


  • There will be at least six (6) teams for the tournament.
  • Each team should have four (4) G3 enrolled players plus a goalie.
    • If you are enrolling an entire team (sponsored or not) you must submit your roster for review. We reserve the right to approve or deny any player for the event.
  • Additionally, each team will have one (1) PRO and/or one (1) member of the Canadian women's national squad (Hayley Wickenheiser is picking the players).
  • Each team will be assigned a jersey scheme based on the teams I have played for during my hockey career.
    • The first team to be paid in full will have first choices of available jersey designs.
  • The price to enroll your own team is $20,000 USD.
    • Sponsors are more than welcome to enter a team.
    • The price for an individual enrollment and placement on a team is $6000.
  • The weekend will begin on Thursday January 15th with the arrival of the players and teams. There will be a mandatory meeting of all participants followed by the first of several charity events.
    On Friday the 16th we'll have the first skate of the weekend at the River Cree Resort and Casino.
  • On Saturday we'll head out to Kevin and Karen's house for the second skate of the weekend with our 3 on 3 tournament.


  • We will be visiting some of Edmonton's best restaurants and nightspots as well as having our own (now legendary) "G9" hotel suite with music by Andy Hill and guests.
  • There will be the chance to watch the Oilers and the Coyotes practice for Sunday's game before our third and final skate at Rexall Place.
  • You will join me for one of sport's greatest honors as they raise my jersey to the rafters. This will take place in a pre-game ceremony when the Oilers face-off against the Coyotes on Sunday the 18th.
  • I am humbled to be joining a very select group of honorees that night and you will be helping me celebrate in the moment!

Lastly, we will visit the Cross Cancer Institute, site of my original charity that is still going strong over twenty years later. A portion of the proceeds from this and all Glenn's Global Games events goes to this charity. I look forward to your joining me to celebrate this astounding event in my life.

Let me know if you are up for another memorable once in a lifetime weekend!

Cheers, Glenn Anderson


Video: Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Monday, November 10. 2008

Glenn Anderson speaks at his Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Toronto on November 10th, 2008.
As he accepts his induction with a speech, his daughter Autumn steals the show.

Glenn was surrounded by family & friends, many of whom attended his "Captain Fun"-filled four day fantasy event Glenn's Global Games, gaining VIP access the entire weekend. Mark Messier is in the foreground as the video begins, and Glenn's wife Susan Daniels-Anderson makes a rare appearance with their daughter Autumn.