Hall of Famer Glenn Anderson Lends Talents To Youth Hockey Camps

Glenn Anderson Special Guest Hockey Coach 

Glenn Anderson continues his tradition of giving back, especially to children, during the offseason. The Glenn Anderson Stanley Cup Week Camp at the North American Hockey School in Stamford, Connecticut brought out everyone's love of competition and team sports. The SoNo Ice House ice rink may as well have been Olympic level, because everyone involved gave it their all.

"You've got to love that competition," Anderson said later while signing autographs. "Those kids were good with one-on-one battles. When you practice four hours a day with a group, things are going to get intense." 

Named to the National Hockey League Hall of Fame a few years back, Glenn stays active with charity events, individual camps and Fall Of Famer tours.

Read more in this press coverage from The Hour and The Stamford Times newspaper

Click here for more information on Glenn Anderson as Guest Coach at NAHS


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