Playoffs 360: If First Round Disasters Went to The Movies...


Now, even though I picked Anaheim for the upset against San Jose, this was nothing short of a disaster for the President's Trophy winners. The Ducks proved to be more powerful than the mechanical shark "Bruce" from Jaws.


Bruce Broke Down Just Like San Jose
The Spielberg classic wasn't a disaster, but his main prop certainly was. The great white doppelganger actually spent more time in the repair shop than it did in the water.

Like Spielberg, San Jose had a great script. Too bad nobody read it. When it comes to the player disasters, some are quick to point out Joe Thornton. Alas, none of his supporting cast decided to pick up the slack. Nobody stepped up. Not the Captain - Patrick Marleau, Jeremy Roenick, or even Rob Blake (who has already hoisted the Cup).

The series was a blockbuster, and San Jose pretty much copied Jaws scene for scene. Similar to Bruce, the Sharks only ate its opponents sporadically - then blew up in the end.


Great Foundation, Faulty Wires
Then there was Calgary. To me, the team was similar to the great disaster film of the 70's starring Steve McQueen. In The Towering Inferno, the building was constructed to be a great skyscraper. And just like the film, The Flames brought in some talent to ensure a solid foundation, but it still failed, due to some faulty wires.

You can't place all blame on Calgary's new members. But it is worth highlighting the injuries that Chicago exploited.  When two key defenseman, such as Dion Phaneuf and Robyn Regehr aren't healthy,  it's the young and speedy guys such as Jonathan Towes and Patrick Kane who fueled the fire.

Then there is Dustin Byfuglien, an emerging playoff standout, who stood in front of Mikka Kiprusoff and created even more havoc. All in all, the Blackhawks used their wings to fan the Flames, until they crumbled.


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