Playoffs 360: Series Commentary

This week we saw the two biggest names in hockey nab a hat trick. This is already becoming quite the entertaining series, but it may be a short one if Pittsburgh doesn't capitalize more on the power play.

What a series! It's full of excitement, BUT...

... it may be short lived if the Penguins don't capitalize more on the power play.


These Guys Are in a League of Their Own
When your team gets an early goal with the man advantage, you must keep the pressure on. Otherwise, you may allow the opposition back in the game -  as did Washington. So Pittsburgh may have scored an early power play goal, but it didn't take long for the momentum to shift to the Caps.

Crosby is carrying the load for his club. He goes to the net. His third goal was incredible. And of course, his hat trick last night was huge. So now, some key players for the Pens have to break out - fast.

Malkin has slept through most of the playoffs, and he needs to wake up. Chris Kunitz is over-passing the puck. And much he always does in the playoffs, Bill Guerin seems to crawl in to a hole.

Pittsburgh is also getting banged up, and when you combine all these factors, it doesn't look good for the boys in black ('n blue), gold, and white.

On the flip side, even when the Caps don't play their best game, they still find a way to win. Leading the way is the Great 8. His release is so quick and accurate, it's incredible to watch. Ovechkin is such a great weapon on the power play, because when he gets the pass it doesn't take him long to find the back of the net.

One last thing. Mike Green has to do a better job covering the front of the net. Sid the Kid was all alone when he scored his first two goals - both on the Norris Trophy candidate's watch.  You can't let that happen, unless you want Crosby to see some hats hit the ice, back at Mellon Arena.


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